As of late, there has been much discussion among the members of the Idyllwild Association of Realtors regarding recent front-page articles in the Town Crier. Specifically, the articles that capitalize on negative events occurring in and around the community of Idyllwild.

While we recognize that criminal activity, traffic accidents, house fires, etc., make for good news, these stories do not help in promoting this beautiful community. Our community is a tourist community, largely supported by tourist dollars. People come here to get away from all hustle and negativity of the larger cities. When they pick up our local paper they are looking for fun happenings to relax and be entertained.

We recognize that visitors also want and need to know other things that go on in this community. Even the not-so-fun, even the bad. It would be a disservice not to tell them all of the news.

We feel to better support the community, the news focus should be on the positive. For example, the holiday events should be front-page news. That is what people are coming up here for. Even if they were not here to see the event, they read about it and get a feeling of a close-knit, “good-old-days” community. Then they think how nice it is here and a great getaway from all the nonsense at home.

If the burglaries, break-ins, thefts and car crashes are the front-page news in Idyllwild, most would feel that they could have stayed home for this. Again, we understand your responsibility to report the news. We just ask that it be done in a more supportive way by putting the “feel-good” in the front of the paper and the harsh reality that we have problems, too, toward the back of the paper.

Members of the Idyllwild Association of Realtors