It appears that HUSD lacks an understanding of the real mission of their schools.

Since mid-October, I have been requesting copies of “Into The Wild” for my senior-level course. Finally, on Nov. 20, I received word that “the books had been shipped, but were ‘unable to be delivered’ and had been returned, refund issued.”

“Unable to be delivered” at the HUSD warehouse with business hours of 8 a.m. to 5 p.m?. How can it be that there was no one on duty to receive that shipment?

Accepting a refund, without any phone calls or confirmation?

I then sought assistance from the librarian to see if we could borrow copies of the book from any other school. Due to current funding arrangements, each school “owns” its own copies of novels (distinct from textbooks) and will not lend/loan to other schools.

I have been promised the books were “rush ordered” on Nov. 20 to be available Dec. 2.

I do not believe this is a unique example of HUSD inept management. I am at a loss as to who can provide a solution.

It is why Hemet teachers are angry. I certainly am.

Alice Scavarda