At last week’s meeting, the Idyllwild Fire Protection District Commission rejected all four recommendations in a recent Riverside County Grand Jury report.

The first recommendation was to share Administrative Capt. Mark Lamont’s duties in order to reduce the cost of paid overtime, which exceeded $50,000 in 2012.

Fire Chief Patrick Reitz drafted the proposed response, which the commission unanimously approved. He recommended that there was no need to share these duties, even though the captain received the vast bulk of overtime earnings.

These occurred because of the numerous fires to which he was assigned outside the district, but these additional costs were always reimbursed.

“… The administrative captain is the only certified engine boss working for the IFPD, and therefore required to go out on every campaign fire as this position is required for such response,” Reitz said and added that the district was helping other staff obtain certification as an engine boss.

The other three Grand Jury recommendations rejected were: IFPD shall conform to California Government Code sec. 3206 by not participating in political activities of any kind while in uniform; the IFPD board shall look into hiring career firefighters outside the district who would be paid straight time wages during campaign fires and for vacation relief; and the IFPD board shall put vacation time as a separate line item on the IFPD Compensation Report.

In other business, Commissioner Nancy Layton was chosen treasurer. She then announced that the newly established Finance Committee would hold its first meeting Monday, Feb. 17.