I read “Snakes arrive early at local animal sanctuary” with concern when the groundskeeper stated he has sprayed Round-up© and will need to make a large batch to control the weeds this winter.

In the past two years, Spain and Denmark have confirmed the hazardous chemical in Round-up© has contaminated their ground water.

There are non-toxic alternatives to Round-up© sold at companies like Garden Alive, just as one example. But how about the fact that we are expecting a downpour and if there is some Round-up© not absorbed, won’t it flow away? Round-up© kills earthworms and remains in the plants it doesn’t kill.

The photo shows the sanctuary’s dead soil and it will probably lose its top-soil with a strong rain.

What about just cutting the weeds? That’s a lot cheaper and safer than using chemicals.

How about looking into a ground cover? Doing weed abatement doesn’t mean we have to end up with dead dirt to blow in the winds and flow with the rains.

Merrie Von Seggern