The Town Crier is transforming in look and feel, as well as location, as we adapt to changes in our environment.

We launch the April 3 edition with a brand-new look, as well as a new website, an event I mentioned to you in an earlier column this year. In that edition, we will be replacing “It’s different,” the cartoon puzzler in the back of the paper, with a children’s feature.

But our biggest announcement came last week on the front page with Palms to Pines Magazine, a new publication that ties in well with the Visitors Center.

And that brings me to our next announcement, if you have not already heard in this small town. We are moving the business two doors down to the old Ponderosa building at the corner of Cedar Street and North Circle Drive.

Even though we love the rustic charm of the Oakwood Village, we are squeezed in this space and even rented a unit off premises for storage.

The new location will allow us to have a nice-sized Visitors Center, more space for ourselves and our customers, as well as storage space on premises.

The location gives the Visitors Center more visibility and our employees more parking space.

We hope to make the move within the next two months.

While I am excited about all these changes, I do not look forward to moving again. Who does? But since it’s not as far a move as last year — and downhill at that — we may possibly roll quite a few things down the road, up the handicap ramp and right into the building.

The new Explore Idyllwild Map also releases this week so look forward to that for all of the businesses wishing to distribute them.

Somewhere amongst these activities, I’ll get some knitting done for a wedding and a new baby. Life goes on and we adapt to the changes.

Becky Clark, Editor