The dreaded six-hour power outage affecting the town business area and many residential neighborhoods scheduled for Wednesday, April 16 was over before noon — two hours earlier than estimated.

As reported earlier, Southern California Edison is upgrading its equipment at the Idyllwild substation, which will take its capacity from 4,000 to 12,000 volts.

According to Louis B. Davis, Southern California Edison’s regional manager for local public affairs, “The substation work in Idyllwild is now complete. I am not aware at the moment of any additional scheduled outages that will affect the entire city related to the substation.”

There had been some concern that four or five more area-wide outages were planned. An earlier planned power outage on April 4 lasted a few hours.

“I will say that Edison is consistently looking to improve the reliability of our infrastructure for the mountain communities,” Davis added. “It is possible that there are additional work orders that have been prepared to work other areas of the mountain.”