Oh joy, oh joy, the move-in is over, the organizing is not yet,  but the space we now have at the new TC building affords the opportunity to unpack without tripping over boxes.

We have pictures and all those awards to hang, technical and electrical glitches still here and there, but most importantly, the signage.

With three front doors on the porch, our customers are confused about which to enter. The far east door is the front office and Visitors Center — where Dolores (and Chari on weekends) occupy the desk.

Anyone wishing to place display advertising in the TC, Palms to Pines Magazine, Explore Idyllwild Map or any of our products, need not go to the front office. The sales office is now located at the far west door on the porch. Jay and Lisa occupy that office and are glad to invite you into their roomy space.

The middle offices are our production and news areas with employee entrance only.

The signs will be coming soon indicating these doors.

Also, a handicap ramp and parking is located at the east end of the building in front of the front office. We are glad this building offers those conveniences.

In the meantime, I am sorry for the confusion and any aggravation about the entrances but there is no such thing as wandering into the “wrong” entrance. It gives us a chance to show you a tour of our offices — an opportunity for you to see why our staff feels more productive in these spaces and able to serve you better.

Becky Clark, Editor