Some of us have high aspirations about our ideals and that certainly applies to me. In April, we unofficially affiliated ourselves with the Idyllwild Library and promised a regular column, “This Week at the Library.” I stated that the column would be weekly, unlike many of our current regular features.

And most of the time, news trumps space so something has to get thrown out of the paper to get some bit of news in ink and that tends to be the unfortunate demise of the library column.

So it won’t be weekly, as I said, and I’m sorry for that. And neither will be the Brown Act 101 column (renamed Open Gov 101) Jack has taken on. That we never promised weekly. It is a periodical column.

Just like my dream of making the newspapers free to all on-Hill P.O. boxes, sometimes you have to change course without losing the dream — it must just wait until a more workable time.

Bob Smith (local history), Mike Esnard (fire safe), Dolores Sizer (cooking), Conor O’Farrell (opinion), Helen Lohr (hiking) and Hector Trujillo (science) all try to write a column once a month.

Stephen Peppler writes one every two weeks during tax season. Jay Pentrack writes the one about scams periodically, also because of space.

Dave Stith also writes periodically about flora in the area.

If any of these are particularly meaningful to you — or even not — enough to type off a quick email to [email protected], I would love to hear from you. Our goal is to make the paper relevant to you, the reader.

Becky Clark, Editor