Remarkable upgrades occurring  now and in the recent past show that Idyllwild’s artistry doesn’t just reside on canvas.

The geniuses of the Rechtfertigs surprised us with The Grand Idyllwild Lodge in its Arts and Crafts and environmentally friendly design, along with the entire experience the Rechtfertigs give their guests.

With Tahquitz and Suicide rocks, wilderness not far away and a lodge similar to the Ahwahnee Hotel, it’s like a mini-Yosemite that blends perfectly with our forest.

Fern Creek Medical Center’s building got a major upgrade before it opened, complementing Fern Valley Corners immensely.

Everyday, we watch the progress on Ferro, the Italian restaurant next door to our office, and marvel at the wizardry of the workmen. We’re eager to see the complete transformation and enjoy a meal.

The front facade of Sky Island and Gary’s Deli attracts our eyes, too. We see construction going on below these shops for the new brewhouse opening in the spring.

Carol and Juan’s CJ Fast and Fresh Food seemed to pop open overnight and already has a big following.

Others coming soon and upgrading their locations include Tommy’s Kitchen, Idyology and a new bakery.

Village Lane celebrated a rebirth recently with several new stores and a grand party. I’ve always loved those funny-shaped blocks of stores and remember well the tea house and Maggie’s Attic.

We find a collective artistry everywhere in Idyllwild — in the visual and performing arts, in building design, in food and in print. And what a gorgeous quilt show last weekend, right?

Becky Clark, Editor