At the last County Service Area (CSA) 38 [Pine Cove] meeting on Sept. 17, the board approved the reimbursement of funds ($854.53) to the Pine Cove Water District for the open house appreciation day at the Pine Cove Fire Station on Aug. 3.
It was reported that during the meeting, CSA 38 chair, Jerry Holldber, who also serves as general manager for the Pine Cove Water District, did not recuse himself from the agenda item discussion. Instead, he stayed for the discussion and abstained from the vote.
In addition, the reimbursement request passed with only the submission of an invoice. The newspaper contacted David Alvarez, development specialist with Riverside County’s Economic Development Administration, to find out if receipts accompanied the reimbursement request.
“We received an invoice from the Pine Cove Water District for the fire station open house,” Alvarez wrote to the Town Crier in an Oct. 1 email. “However, I did not receive any receipts with the invoice. We are working with the Pine Cove Water District to gather more information.”

The invoice submitted by Jerry Holldber, general manager of the Pine Cove Water District, for the reimbursement of funds spent on the Pine Cove Fire Station open house held on Aug. 3. document courtesy of CSA 38


  1. Your’e worried about receipts for a joint open house? What a joke! Perhaps you should wonder if the hwy 74 road collapse was preventable, or when was it actually discovered that the culverts had disintegrated. The personal costs on this mountain as a result of those collapses far exceed a few bucks on cookies and drinks.

    • A government official works under color of authority. If they produce an invoice it’s presumed to be correct with consequences if not. However I smell two fish here and it’s not pcwd or calfire employees. It’s the consolidation folks at iwd once again wanting pcwd and CSA 38 assets.

      Iwd has a real mess including new litigation from within, bad water, and crappy pipes/hydrants. Perhaps they should pull their snouts out of what is a great Pine Cove meet and greet.

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