On Monday, July 14, Michael Darrenger Kellner, 21, pleaded guilty to one count of felony burglary. His sentencing is scheduled for July 31.

Kellner was arrested in January, charged with shoplifting from Fairway Foods. The charge was changed to felony burglary when filed.

“It was a shoplifting [charge] at Fairway Foods but burglary can be charged because a person goes into a business with no means of paying for items and then takes items,” explained John Hall, Senior Public Information Specialist for the Riverside County District Attorney’s Office. “In these cases, slightly less than $5 in merchandise was taken.”

Although Judge Patrick Magers will decide on Kellner’s sentence later this month, Hall said the defense proposed a one-year term with a Salvation Army work-release program. “[It] will be a way for the defendant to have both a place to stay and drug treatment as deemed necessary,” he explained.