Town Hall Sports Coordinator Richard Mozeleski gave this report on adult coed softball standings after 21 games through July 26.

In the second week of adult softball, Pacific Slope and Forest Lumber have the two strongholds of the league lead. In the first of two meetings between Pac Slope and Forest, Pac Slope beat Forest 11-3 Saturday morning. Quite a scenario is shaping up for the four playoff spots between five teams for the Division 1 section. It’s an interesting race to be sure.

Also, last Saturday, 25 prospective adult soccer players showed up for a trial of high-speed, non-stop five vs. five soccer. Formulation of rules and style for Idyllwild’s version of “arena soccer” is developing and exciting to see. The afternoon provided a showcase of small, fast teams playing on smaller fields, with quick passing, great dribbling and pin-point shooting.

Interested aged 15 and older players may come out this Saturday at 3 p.m. to the Idyllwild School field. Adult league games will begin Saturday, Aug. 23. For more information, call Richard at 909-241-2662.

Standings (July 20-26)

Wins Losses
Pacific Slope 5 0/td>
Forest Lumber 6 /td>
Ajax 4 2/td>
Idyllwild Arts 2 1/td>
Creekstone Inn 2 2/td>
Perez 2 5/td>
Ridgeline Roofing 0 4/td>
Higher Grounds 0 6/td>