Howard Yudelson and Polly Stowe performing in “Playboy of the Western World” at ISOMATA in August 1971. File photo
Howard Yudelson and Polly Stowe performing in “Playboy of the Western World” at ISOMATA in August 1971.
File photo

65 years ago - 1949

Ernie Maxwell and Martin Aguirre headed a group to plant trout fingerlings in the back country.


60 years ago - 1954

Local residents voted in favor of zoning for Idyllwild. A new classification, R1-A, was adopted for guest cottages rented with kitchens.


55 years ago - 1959

Tahquitz Peak Lookout Jess Southwell reported 150 visitors on a Tuesday.


50 years ago - 1964

The County Board of Supervisors approved a change in the minimum dwelling size in the Idyllwild area from 480 to 750 square feet.


45 years ago - 1969

More than 100 people attended a meeting  with aviation spokespeople at Town Hall to discuss plans for a possible airstrip in the San Jacinto Mountains. Most of the audience appeared to disapprove of the proposal.


40 years ago - 1974

Some listings from Johnson Realty: A 2-bedroom “doll house” for $29,900; a Fern Valley 3-bedroom house on 1/2 acre for $27,500; and a 2-bedroom plus loft for $27,500.


35 years ago - 1979

A Pinyon Crest home was leveled by a tornado and the one next door to it had the second story sawed off by the twister, the first one in Anza history.


30 years ago - 1984

Rain stopped in time for the third-annual Pops in the Park concert. Nearly 500 people attended the free program at Town Hall Park sponsored by the Idyllwild Property Owners Association.


25 years ago - 1989

Residents were casting votes for candidates for the Hill Municipal Advisory Council for the first time. Eleven candidates were vying for nine seats.


20 years ago - 1994

The new Mountain Community Patrol, in place for just a few months, was being cited as a possible reason for reduced crime on the Hill.


15 years ago - 1999

Members of the Idyllwild Garden Club made a plea at a Chamber of Commerce meeting. They said their group was willing to continue their beautification project of Idyllwild, but some businesses hadn’t taken care of their gardens and had allowed plants to die.


10 years ago - 2004

The Idyllwild Community Recreation Council reached its fundraising goal to complete the Idyllwild Skate Park thanks to a $40,000 county donation from outgoing Riverside County 3rd District Supervisor Jim Venable.


5 years ago - 2009

Guaranty Bank had several suitors bidding for its assets. Regulators set Monday, Aug. 17 as the date by which bids must be submitted but extended the deadline until Tuesday, Aug. 18, to allow receipt of additional bids.


1 year ago - 2013

EarthWitness Foundation was hosting a fundraiser for victims of the Mountain Fire. The event was to include a comedian, musicians, a silent auction and hors d’oeuvres.