After the war in Germany, the school children were taken to the concentration camp of Buchenwald. We were shown the ovens where many Jews were killed.

Yes and yes again — the Holocaust happened. We must never forget and this must never happen again.

What do people want from Israel? Every nation deserves a country. Israel was given the right to settle where they are. They all worked hard to establish a nice place to live.

In comparison, Palestine is so much larger and they have not accomplished what Israel has through much work and sacrifice. Israel has a right to live and defend itself.

If somebody would want to wipe America off the map, what would we do? They are not only talking about it, they mean it. We must wake up before it’s too late.

When a religion teaches it is OK to kill if you don’t believe what they believe in then the world is in great danger. Israel has been our best friend in that region. We must not let them down.

Shame on all of us to be silent. We, the people, have the power — not the government.

Americans have always been known as very kind and giving people.

It is wrong to always pick on one religion. We are not parrots.

The biggest difference between Jews and Christians is that Jews believe the Messiah is still to come and Christians believe the Messiah already came. Otherwise, we are all very much the same.

I have seen and experienced as a child in World War II what civilized people can stoop down to in a frenzy.

Israel, I want you to know I pray for you. I am your friend.

 Gisela M. Stearns