Where will you go?

Dear editor:
I found the letter from Thomas Kluzak, “Failed State,” to be interesting and thought provoking.
My questions for Mr. Kluzak are, when are you leaving and where are you going? Will it be Russia? Will it be Cuba? Will it be China? Will it be Iran or Iraq? Will it be Venezuela? All of these countries would welcome Mr. Kluzak, with open arms, to their jails.
Thank God we live in a country where Mr. Kluzak can write his letter and freely express his opinions. Happy July 4th. God Bless America.
Tom Higgins

Don’t feed hummingbirds

Dear editor:
Please, if you love hummingbirds, don’t poison them with refined white sugar. Refined sugar isn’t good for us, and it most certainly is not good for them.
Hummingbirds evolved eating the nectar from flowers, not processed sugar.
Years ago it came to light that the red dye #2 people used to color hummingbird sugar water was bad for them, so some people stopped using that. Some commercial hummingbird foods are available, but they contain a slew of man made chemicals, so those are toxic.
Some people who use refined sugar counter with the fact that they see plenty of hummingbirds around, like three or four. The fact is, 50 years ago they would have seen eight or 10.
Loss of habitat, climate change and domestic cats are reducing the numbers of these fascinating and delicate birds.
If you truly love hummingbirds, plant flowers that will provide them with the nectar they eat naturally. We have two beautiful nurseries up here that supply lots of different flowers that will attract hummingbirds, and butterflies, as well.
If you don’t have any luck planting flowers in the ground, plant them in pots. If you buy perennial flowers, they will come back next year.
Kristy Frazier