The Kool-Aid® consumed by IFPD personnel, its board, and the voter base of this community is sad. Recently, the 2014-15 grand jury held IFPD in violation of the Penal Code with a deadline to comply. IFPD’s response was not to comply by the deadline.

The board president told the community he personally contacted the grand jury (by phone, not writing) stating everything should be OK yet after a month had no letter/communication/action affirming this. I guess he thinks a phone call can fix Penal Code violations. More importantly, we allowed him to behave that way as an elected official. Hmmm.

He also sheepishly stated that the IFPD commissioners/personnel had recently been served with new grand jury subpoenas. Really? How stupid does he think we are?

I suspect this is the anticipated prosecution of their willful refusal to comply with the Penal Code. However, it could be a new investigation.

Win or lose, this new grand jury action may cost mountain taxpayers another thousands in attorney fees based upon last year’s investigation alone. Enough of this crap.

The board must comply with the Penal Code and state laws. Not to do so should compel their resignations. Perhaps they believe just short of a criminal conviction they can act with impunity at our expense. This investigation/prosecution will continue to consume precious district dollars and divert attention away from the real matters at hand, namely our safety.

Perhaps they believe complainants and their witnesses have set up their employees and witnesses. Perhaps they believe they are being unfairly persecuted. Have they attempted to influence grand jury inquiries with political intervention? It wouldn’t surprise me if they tried.

Idyllwild, stop voting with your emotions and picking your favorite dysfunctional suck-up for office.

Short of resignations, this district should be dissolved, saving taxpayers the burden of this expensive disgrace of an excuse for a good-ole-boy, backwoods, para-military/district.

Jeff Smith
Pine Cove