Hurley and his dad.

Last week in “Days of Our Nine Lives,” ARF cats visited with Wyatt, a recent ARF adoptee.
Hurley: (entering the office) Hello? Is anyone here?
Whiskers: (entering the office) Wow! First, we saw Wyatt last week and now we have Hurley!
Sadie: Son of a gun! How are you Hurley? You were adopted not too long ago, right?
Hurley: That’s right. I was adopted by a very special couple right at the beginning of this pandemic.
Whiskers: Ah ha! Another COVID rescue.
Hurley: I guess you’re right, Whiskers. I live right here in Idyllwild with my new mom and dad. They are so very grateful that I came into their lives.
Pepper: How is that?
Hurley: Well, Mom often credits me with helping her not feel so anxious about this pandemic and she appreciates that I get her and dad out for walks every day.
Sadie: I remember your adoptive parents. Didn’t they recently experience the deaths of both of their dogs?
Hurley: Yes, they did. The last couple of years have been tough for them. They didn’t really think they were ready for another dog but then I came along!
Pepper: I have heard our ARF people say that the right dog or cat will find their human, not the other way around. Maybe that’s what happened with you.
Hurley: I think so. They have also helped me because my guardian passed away and I was so sad. I didn’t know where I was going and with whom.
Whiskers: Then ARF stepped up to help you?
Hurley: That’s right and I’m forever grateful that they helped me find my new family.
Sadie: I’m not surprised as that is what ARF does. It helps to mend the broken hearts of both the pets and the humans.
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