During the final Mountain Emergency Service Committee meeting of 2014, Kathleen Henderson, the Riverside County emergency services coordinator for the mountain, focused attention on 2015.

Participants last week discussed ideas from programs and events for the coming year. For example, Michael Feyder, president of Mountain Disaster Preparedness, suggested some time be spent on the provision and operation of animal shelters in case an evacuation is needed on the Hill.

This included the Riverside County’s Riverside Emergency Animal Rescue System, whose next new member session is scheduled for Saturday, Jan. 24. For more information, interested individuals may contact Stefanie Rubio at [email protected] or go to the REARS website at www.rcrears.com.

A discussion of the psychological consequences following emergencies was a topic Francoise Frigola, MDP Internet communications director, thought would be valuable to Hill residents.

Other potential topics Henderson will consider are preparing numerous local summer camps, influenza conditions and WNKI, the local emergency radio station.

The next MEMSCOMM meeting is Feb. 12, 2015. Additional suggestions for topics to be addressed next year may be emailed to Henderson at [email protected].