I grinned while reading this Town Crier article that explained Chelsey Grasso’s thinking on naming the nation’s “Top Ten Must-Visit Small Towns.” I’m writing to express my appreciation to the community of Idyllwild (past, present and future) for keeping Idyllwild Idyllwild — year after year — and for all of the very warm, helpful and friendly Idy folk.

Our family has owned a cabin in Idyllwild since 1987 (28 years). The only “major” change that has occurred since we arrived, is the building of The Fort, which was very tastefully done. Back in 1987, there were no traffic lights in Idyllwild, no major traffic problems and no Starbucks. The miracle to me is that Idyllwild is the same today as it was in 1987. May it stay this way.

Last month, I visited the #3 town, Sedona, Arizona, for the first time. Wow. Yes, Sedona’s red-rock formations are magnificent, but I was shocked at the visual difference between New Sedona and Old Sedona. We were there during Sedona’s “low season,” but the amount of car traffic was staggering. And be sure not to spin out too early or not early enough in one of the round-a-bouts.

Idyllwild or Sedona? My vote is for Idy during our low season, high season and every season in between.

Paul Shnable