This week we have a few personnel changes to announce. Denise Selby, our bookkeeper since Jack and I bought the paper, moved on as her pottery business picked up. Samantha “Sam” Hallburn took the position and is your new go-to person for billing inquiries …

That is, except subscription issues. Halie and I will help you with those over the next two months while Teresa Garcia-Lande, a jack-of-all trades, takes maternity leave.

Lastly, we welcome back Marshall Smith as a part-time reporter. His desk is on the west end of the building with advertising staff  Jay Pentrack and Lisa Streeter. Bringing back Marshall freed up Jay’s duties to now encompass advertising sales of Palms to Pines Magazine.

In the meantime, anyone with InDesign experience who wants a short-term job drop off your resume to Halie, please.

• • •

Last week, we received the news that Marilyn Weare, former TC co-owner, passed away.

When I started at the paper in 1984, the Hunsakers had owned it for six years already. The Weares lived in town but I never got to know them well.

I assumed, from the little contact I had had with her, that Marilyn was a warm, very classy lady but that she likely wasn’t the type to “let her hair down,” so to speak.

That I found out differently when I was publisher-editor in 1997 and the TC celebrated its 50th birthday with an open house.

Marilyn stopped in, sat down at an ad rep’s desk, kicked off her shoes, put her feet on the desk and regaled me with stories of her TC days. She roared with laughter. I hope never to forget that one visit with her. RIP, Marilyn.

Becky Clark,