Editor’s note: Peter Hermanson shared his daughter Clare’s essay about Idyllwild with the Town Crier. She is a 5th grade student in San Diego.

My special place is Idyllwild. Idyllwild is a mountain about two hours away from San Diego.

It is special to me because while I am there, I like walking in the forest and going down to the stream. I like the cool fresh morning breeze and the sun that comes up every morning. I like being there also because you can see deer there and birds singing.

It brings back memories. It is fun in the winter when the snow is three feet tall and you go sledding. You can have snowball fights and make snowmen.

Always I like walking through the forest with a dog named “Magie,” who sometimes goes along. It’s fun climbing rocks and seeing a mountain in front of you and the wind blowing.

In Idyllwild, there is a town. In the town, there are shops like the Lady of the Lake, which has statues of fairies and other objects. There is also a candy shop. While you are there you get to know some people because it is a small town.

Clare Hermanson
San Diego

Her teacher wrote, “What a great place, and it’s fabulous that you appreciate its beauty so much.”


  1. Clare, what a wonderful essay! I, too, love Idyllwild. We hope to move there one day. Until then we go up as often as we can. My children, who are in the kindergarten and the second grade, also feel it is a special place. We live at the bottom of The Hill (that is what we call it). It is one of their favorite places to visit. Good wishes to you Clare. Never lose your love of the earth and its beauty!