Last week in “Days of Our Nine Lives,” the ARF cats and dog Tex once again discussed finding a forever family.


Panther: Great news! Gather ’round everyone.

Tex: Please say that someone is interested in taking me home. Please!

Panther: Wish I could, but it hasn’t happened yet. But still, I do have some good news. Astro and Radar have been adopted.

Tex: I am happy for them, although I wish I had the same good fortune.

Bear: It’s going to be quiet around here without the youngsters.

Panther: Don’t speak too quickly, Bear. The day after Radar and Astro were adopted, three more kittens came to ARF. They had been on a waiting list. Lots of kittens out there.


Tex: Three more? Oh look! Here they come.

(Kittens enter the cattery)

Wendy: Greetings! I am Wendy. This is Tinkerbell, and this here is Peter Pan. Peter and I are siblings, and Tinkerbell is just a good friend who has joined us.

Pepper: Welcome! You are truly beautiful kittens.

Wendy: Thank you. And humans ought to know that we are super friendly. We all just love humans.

Peter: And playing! We love to play.

Tex: How about us dogs?

Wendy: The jury is out on dogs. We will see.

Zeus: I truly hope you three will lure humans into ARF, and if they decide they would like a more mature companion, they will fall in love with one of us adults. We have so much to offer.

Panther: So true! I bet the kittens won’t sit for long periods on a human’s lap. I will,



Tinkerbell: It seems we all have something wonderful to offer!

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