U.S. Marines building a bridge at Lake Fulmor in1951 as part of their winter training. File photo
U.S. Marines building a bridge at Lake Fulmor in1951 as part of their winter training.
File photo

65 years ago - 1950
Bob and Lee Luck, having sold their home, planned to turn over the operation of the Hill’s telephone service to Mr. and Mrs. Reid Marks.

60 years ago - 1955
Saying, “The best time to call the fire department is before the fire,” Fire Chief Bill Price announced that the Idyllwild Fire Department would offer free home inspections.

55 years ago - 1960
At a hearing by the Alcoholic Beverages Control Board, about 250 people expressed support of a liquor license being granted to the Idyllwild Inn.

50 years ago - 1965
A Town Crier classified ad offered a large pickup load of wood, delivered, for $10.

45 years ago - 1970
Claudia Dutton Draves, daughter of Leigh and Margaret Dutton of Idyllwild, former Bear Festival Queen and Mt. San Jacinto College Speech Department trophy winner, was headed for the national college speech tournament at Michigan State. Draves, nearly deaf since birth, gave credit to her community college speech instructor for her success in overcoming difficulties in speaking.

40 years ago - 1975
There was good-natured grumbling about the winter weather, but townsfolk were actually breathing a sign of relief that March, which began with only 7.62 inches of yearly precipitation recorded, ended with 14.91 inches.

35 years ago - 1980
Idyllwild Postmaster Lloyd Wood said he was being plagued with questions from residents who didn’t get their census forms. Out of 3,500 forms received by the Idyllwild Post Office, only 800 could be delivered, because most forms had only a street address listed.

30 years ago - 1985
Showtime Video in Strawberry Creek Square held a grand opening celebration.

25 years ago - 1990
Many town groups participated in the Great Mountain, Pass and Valley Cleanup effort sponsored by Riverside County 3rd District Supervisor Kay Ceniceros.

20 years ago - 1995
The Mountain Community Patrol, celebrating its one-year anniversary of patroling Idyllwild, learned the patrol would soon receive a vehicle from Riverside County.

15 years ago - 2000
In reaction to Riverside County 3rd District Supervisor Jim Venable’s proposal to construct a community center at Idyllwild County Park’s meadow, various Cahuilla tribal leaders attended a meeting called by public officials to discuss the meadow’s environmental and historical importance.

10 years ago - 2005
The Natural Resources Conservation Service was planning to remove about 2,000 dead and dying trees in Fern Valley and more than 2,000 at Camp Emerson. The agency had already removed nearly 1,500 trees from the Idyllwild Arts campus and almost 1,000 from the Saunders Meadow area.

5 years ago - 2010
Early in the morning of Tuesday, March 23, a pickup truck heading south on Highway 243 crossed lanes, hit the edge of the Lake Fulmor bridge and careened into the cold water.

1 year ago - 2014
The Riverside County Sheriff’s Department Hemet Station had exhausted all leads and the likelihood of finding Rocky the deer is remote. He said the deer might have been dismantled and scrapped.