Your article reminded me of the request I made twice to the County of Riverside Traffic Department (at the Idyllwild facility) last year to no avail to install posted speed limit signs on Fern Valley Road from the Fern Valley Water District office all the way to Humber Park. The only sign posted is at the corner of Fern Valley and Dickenson that tells drivers to slow to 20 mph to handle the corner/intersection.

We were told the speed limit is actually 35 mph but nowhere is this actually posted for a distance of nearly 1.75 miles. Adding these posted 35-mph signs would hopefully remind and inform drivers that this road is not a plus-50-mph road but, in fact, a 35-mph road.

Speed on this road is a real issue at times. I see little, if any, law enforcement to enforce the speed limit. I’m not sure they could since there is nowhere it tells a driver the actual speed limit.

Any help in addressing this would be appreciated.

Walt Bonneau
Fern Valley Road