Construction to replace Hurkey Creek Bridge on Highway 74, originally scheduled to begin Monday, April 20, has been delayed for about two weeks.

Caltrans Public Information Officer Joy Schneider said resolution of two issues has delayed the project.

Contractor for the project, Granite Construction, suggested creating a 12-foot-wide bypass to the north of the existing bridge to reduce impact on traffic during bridge construction. It is submitting a cost analysis to Caltrans. Creating a bypass would allow both lanes of the bridge to be replaced at one time, saving time and money, and minimizing traffic impact. Originally, project planners envisioned replacing one lane of the bridge at a time, leaving a 10-foot-wide single lane open for traffic. Even with the bypass, assuming Caltrans approves it, traffic would still be one-way for the duration of bridge construction, with traffic delays estimated to be 15 minutes on average.

The other issue requiring resolution before construction can start is using solar traffic-control signs, as well as a stop signal for a driveway abutting Highway 74.  Electrical design and configuration is now being worked out. Schneider estimated the project would resume in two weeks or so when these issues are resolved and approved.

“Both issues must be worked out before construction can move forward,” she said.9