The Local Review Board of the Idyllwild Historic Preservation District is planning a community meeting to discuss the benefit of seeking the county’s approval to apply the state’s Mills Act to the local historic district.

The meeting is tentatively set from 5 to 6 p.m. Wednesday, June 17, at the Idyllwild Library.

The Mills Act provides property tax relief in exchange for an equivalent investment in the historic property. The owners commit to restore, rehabilitate, repair and preserve the historic property. In order to be eligible, the local, county or state government must designate the property as possessing historic value.

All properties within the IHPD that have been designated as contributing to its historicity would be eligible.

Notification will be mailed to property owners within the district and fliers will be posted. Keith Herron, the Riverside County chief of Resources and Planning, promised to do the mailing and provided the fliers to the board for posting.

The board has had a vacancy for many months. According to Herron, County Supv. Chuck Washington’s office has yet to receive an application to fill the position.

“It would be nice to have someone from the real estate quarter involved,” noted board member Nancy Borchers,