It’s not by accident Pine Cove Water District is likely one of the most stable, self-sustaining water districts in Southern California, producing some of the best granite cleaned/collected/stored water in the country. It’s legislative authority and staff understand these characteristics and work to ensure these principles.

When other local districts’ poor-quality water production from streams and resulting drainage ditches using dangerous treatment chemicals goes dry because of limited snow/rainfall, PCWD wonders why the district should be forced into water emergency stage 2 or 3 when their water supply is reasonably stable.

Water production and storage require infrastructure, even if you choose not to purchase a single drop that month. The right to purchase a drop the next month requires the system to remain stable the entire time you choose not to consume a drop.

When someone says they should have the right not to pay a dime for system maintenance fees billed as a separate line item I say go live elsewhere outside of a water district. A fixed maintenance/production cost is just that — fixed regardless what one customer might use or not use that month. Pitting water district customers against one another because of income, age, sex or race is predatory and should not be on the agenda of any board candidate.

Let me make this very clear. PCWD has been recognized as one of the most efficient and transparent water districts per resident capita in this county and state.

Pine Cove residents be careful who you vote for. Pick someone who will keep this district’s high-quality water production stable and not destroy our water source.

Jeff Smith
Pine Cove