Re: “Public urges Idyllwild Water to permit new construction,” I applaud the water district’s policy of refusing to sell new water meters.

I have been a resident of Idyllwild, living in the same house on Double View Drive, since 1982. I retired to Idyllwild for the beauty and peace. I remember when two or three vehicles on Double View was heavy traffic. Now we have turned into a busy street with the rumble of cement trucks and construction vehicles starting early in the morning.

I feel Idyllwild is already overbuilt and the water district’s refusal to sell new water meters is an excellent way to put a stop to this.

Do we really want to turn this precious gem into another Big Bear or Arrowhead and ultimately create the need for a traffic light? Not to mention the very serious problem of forest fire and evacuation, which can only worsen with more population.

Regarding the 50- to 60-year-olds who want to build their dream house here: There are plenty of cabins and cottages for sale in this town. Perhaps they could start there: remodel or tear down and then build their dream house.

Again, to repeat, the very serious problem of forest fire and evacuation can only worsen with more population.

I applaud Director Monroe’s stand against selling more water meters and, ergo, limiting new construction. I own a business in Idyllwild and, sure, I’d like to benefit from an increase in potential customers, but not at the expense of the all reasons I live in Idyllwild.

P.S. Why was this article titled “Public urges Idyllwild Water to permit new construction” when only seven citizens attended and only two spoke? Does this represent the “public” of Idyllwild?

Eddie Brown

Editor’s note: Seven members of the public attending a water district meeting on the Hill is a crowd..