I recently received a flier concerning an odd complaint about Sunny, the feline Nature Center greeter. Upon my visit to the facility along with my sister, we were greeted by Sunny. Sauntering over to my sister who had just sat down, Sunny walked into her lap, curled up and purred as my sister started petting her.

Have you ever walked into a children’s zoo and had the animals walk up to you? Have you walked into a store and met a medical dog and spoken to its owner? Ever been to New York and have a police horse come over for a friendly nuzzle, or a horseback rider moseying through Idyllwild enjoying the scenery. Outside coffee shops are greeted daily by beautiful, intelligent dogs and their loving owners.

In the town of Idyllwild, there are bobcats, coyotes, mountain lions, deer, raccoon and a bigfoot or two roaming freely.

Are they a risk to public safety?

Sharon Savary