Busted! They finally caught up with that desperado, Sunny. Was Sunny one of the gang of thieves over the past several years who have repeatedly broken into and burglarized Idyllwild businesses? No.

Well, was Sunny part of the gang of thieves who stole the painted deer statue? No. Was Sunny texting, speeding and driving recklessly on Highway 74? Then was Sunny drunk in public? No.

Well, what crime did this outlaw cat do then? They say Sunny walked on a counter where Nature Center staff had their food and drinks. For shame, for shame. Bad puddy tat.

Bill O’Connor


  1. Sunny sounds like a great kitty to me. The people who complain about this animal are not the type of people we need in Idyllwild. I say get rid of them and keep the cat. Such asininity. BFD