I have been on many boards since I have been in Idyllwild and every one of them have been destroyed by people on the board with personal agendas. That’s a fact. The ones I have not been on, I am sure they ended for the same reason.

I have put more time on this board, let’s say in overtime, than the money we have been paid, let’s say, on the clock. A number of times I have thought about moving from Idyllwild but what keeps me here is my dedication to the water district and the people on the board with me for at least 10 years.

Most of us on the board have seen things that didn’t make this water district perfect and over the years have done everything in our power to correct it and make it the best it can be. In all of those years, not once was any personal agenda discussed by any board member. If it had been, I had two choices. The first would be to do whatever I could do to expose it and end it. The second would be to resign.

And what I see now are agendas on their way and I will tell you now, I will do exactly what I said. Like I have said many times and I believe I said in the last meeting I attended … (I did miss the last meeting in July. I believe it was the first meeting I have missed since I’ve been on the board because my brother passed away.) What I have said is no one in this town seems to care what happens at the water district unless it affects them and then the district is somehow cheating everybody.

It may seem like a bold statement but I can only go by the attendance from the public. It’s the public’s choice to pick and choose who they want on the board, but I will never stay on a board again and watch it be destroyed again.

Michael Freitas
Idyllwild Water District director