I would love to see Donald Trump challenge Mr. Putin. We all would get a good laugh out of it, but also understand the seriousness of what makes Putin work.

He was a high-ranking officer in the Soviet Army stationed in East Germany. He was connected with the KGB and speaks German fluently.

He was raised a Communist and wants Russia to return back to where Stalin left off. He will never give up on that idea.

Look what is happening in the Ukraine. That’s a perfect example of his strategy. We must never underestimate this man. He is ruthless and dangerous.

Communism and socialism have a middle class. Everybody is the same. Why should anybody, then, have higher aspirations? You don’t have to. The government will provide.

That’s where America is heading for. That’s why we have to get families to be families again. That is where our strength is.

Our values are being torn down. Everything goes. Why did the Roman Empire fall? No morals, no principles, greedy for power.

Does anybody take anything with them? Think about it. It is later than we realize. We have the choice and must make it.

Gisela M. Stearns