Editor’s note: This letter is re-running because of an error in the last statement.

Again, rambling on and saying things that are not true. I worked for water districts for 20 years. I started at Rancho Water District then moved to Eastern Municipal Water District for a better job and that year the plant I worked at got Plant of the Year in the Southern California district.

At Eastern, I worked at five different plants all different sizes and the smallest bigger than Idyllwild. Then I had the chance to move to San Diego and got a job with the County of San Diego and while there, won two Plant of the Year awards a few years apart.

Then I moved to Laucadia County Water District and ran their plant for 10 years, again winning two more Plant of the Year awards for the western United States. While there, I designed and had built a new lab I ran along with running the plant. I also worked with the construction  crew putting in laterals and water meters. and did line cleaning. I worked with maintenance operating and maintaining seven pump stations.

I also ran the recycle water that provided Rancho Lacosta golf course with water, then the last two years operated its tertiary treatment. You don’t know what my education is anymore than you know how the water district operates.

Michael Freitas
Idyllwild Water District director