Last week, the Riverside County Superior Court announced several new systems to make obtaining court services easier and more convenient for the public.

Public kiosk enhancement 

Court customers now have the ability to make a criminal payment at the public kiosks stationed in the court’s clerical offices. This enhances a system that previously took only traffic payments. The service is free and is provided as a convenience so customers don’t have to wait in line at the public counters.

Public queuing system

A new public queuing system will now be used in some of the busier and more crowded clerical offices of the court. The system is similar to that used by many DMV offices.

Upon entering the lobby, the customer signs in using a public kiosk. A ticket is issued using a sequential numbering system according to the assistance needed. Instead of the customer standing in a long line, they will now be able to sit and wait until their number is called. An announcement notifies the person to proceed to an assigned window. As the numbers are called the information is also displayed on three different monitors located throughout the waiting area.

Court staff will have information available on the number of customers waiting for assistance and they can call a new customer to their window as soon as they’ve finished assisting the previous customer.

The new system has been implemented in the Moreno Valley Court and the Southwest Justice Center. It will provide a more convenient environment for the public, reduce congestion in crowded lobbies and allow customers to be helped quicker.

New juror reporting capabilities

The court’s juror reporting automated system has been updated to include several new features that include using text messaging to provide jurors with reporting instructions and reminders, as well as automated phone calls to jurors with important information about their jury service.