This is what President Reagan said a few years ago. It is timeless and so true.

Here in American, our daily lives evolve around it. Can you imagine not to have freedom? Freedom of speech, freedom of religions, just to name two.

Without freedom we would not have the lifestyle we are living — the government would tell us what to do and say.

We cannot take our privileges for granted.

Yes, as time goes on, good changes are necessary, but the fundamental structures of a nation should remain unshakable.

To be an American is a privilege. Many soldiers have given their lives to defend that privilege. Are we grateful to them and honor them as we should?

Try to give back to our beloved America as much as you can. It doesn’t always have to be money, but a kind word, a nice smile, a good deed will go a long way.

Freedom and speech nowadays is abused for political gain by the press and lawmakers. Wrong messages are being pounded into our heads. No wonder many people believe it, but too much of the same gets old and many of us begin to see the real truth. People are waking up and will choose soon what makes America great again.

God bless America, our home, sweet home.

Gisela M. Stearns