I take great pleasure in my library — the Idyllwild Branch of the Riverside County Library System.

Inasmuch as I am no longer interested in drinking, nor in a good carouse, some of the delights of Idyllwild are beyond my reach, but not the library.

And the Idyllwild Library is no less exciting than those other enticing outfits. Trust me.

Shannon Ng is the book-loving, competent caretaker to all of the millions of pages making their home in that building at the foot of Strawberry Square. She’s good, kind and fun, like the rest of the staff.

Since it’s opening, I have attended numerous meetings in the “community room,” meetings of all kinds. We park ourselves in that warm comfortable space free-for-nothing.

It’s good to just be next door to all those books.

The double line of computers is a favorite of all ages.

I too am a student. And the Idyllwild Library is my laboratory. I love to learn. Adventure draws me. This is the place to be.

My place to be.

Bobbie Glasheen