Idyllwild Elementary School in 1948.File photo
Idyllwild Elementary School in 1948. File photo

65 years ago - 1950

Angling in the area had never been so good. More than 9,000 catchable-sized trout had been planted in lakes Hemet and Fulmor.

60 years ago - 1955

The Idyllwild Fire Protection District’s educational program was very effective. This year, the number of fire losses on the Hill was fewer than the year before.

55 years ago - 1960

At a press conference, writer Robert Balzer announced plans for an elaborate Buddhist meditation center in Fern Valley. The 13-acre site off Glen Road was to be the only one of its kind in the nation.

50 years ago - 1965

The fourth-annual Music Festival at the USC-ISOMATA (now Idyllwild Arts Academy) featured Randall Thompson’s new work and Robert Frost’s poems in a tribute to the late President John F. Kennedy.

45 years ago - 1970

The Department of Fish and Game reported that the heavy winter of 1968-69 and the moist but mild winter of 1969-70 had produced an improvement in most deer ranges.

40 years ago - 1975

Led by two County Park naturalists, a funeral parade of 26 cars proceeded slowly from Hurkey Creek to Garner Valley to inspect the Lake Hemet Fire’s burned area. About 130 people responded to the published invitation to take part in the tour.

35 years ago - 1980

Idyllwild Arts Director Robert Holmes announced an anonymous donor had offered to help construct an amphitheater on campus for crowds larger than the Bowman Theatre could accommodate.

30 years ago - 1985

In the Idyllwild area, the Riverside Mountain Rescue Unit was busy rescuing lost and injured hikers in four separate cases.

25 years ago - 1990

An amendment to the Environmental Protection Agency’s Safe Drinking Water Act required that water companies nationwide begin filtering water obtained from running streams. The Fern Valley Water District Board of Directors, faced with having to buy a filtration system, had no choice but to raise its rates.

20 years ago - 1995

A Laguna Hills man navigating a hang glider over the San Jacinto Mountains died after crashing his aircraft in Mountain Center.

15 years ago - 2000

The Army Corps of Engineers was conducting a detailed reconnaissance study of the entire 730-square-mile stretch of the San Jacinto River, hoping to find sufficient evidence of flood control and water management programs

10 years ago - 2005

The Riverside County Department of Health Services proposed that all retailers who sell tobacco products have a county license as well as a state license.

5 years ago - 2010

The Riverside County Board of Supervisors approved an initial $1 million funding for the Idyllwild Library project.

1 year ago - 2014

Under new legislation, the California Legislature passed a law that was expected to be signed by the governor. Thin plastic carry-out bags appeared headed for oblivion.