Last week in “Days of Our Nine Lives,” ARF cats talked the new litter of kittens. 

Zeus: Hey! The kittens’ eyes are open!

Bear: Oh boy. This means very soon they’ll start moving about on their own.   

Lulu: I’m pretty quiet. Think it’s okay if I sneak in to take a peek?      

Whiskers: I suppose it’s okay. Flora is very friendly and she will let you pet her babies if you want to.

(Lulu and Whiskers enter the kittenry).

Flora: Hello Whiskers and Lulu. Did you come to see my babies?

Whiskers: I did. I heard their eyes have opened. 

Flora: That’s right. Soon they will start showing us their individual personalities. 

Pepper (out in the office): Have you all visited with the kittens?

Zeus: Of course, and who couldn’t fall in love with them? 

Pepper: I think ARF humans have started an adoption list.  

Bear: They have, and they have seven names on it.  

Zeus: Six and a spare?   

Bear: They said they will keep adding names as back-ups. You never know what could happen.  

Whiskers: I hope all of these people remember that Mama Flora will be looking for her forever home once the babies have been weaned and she has been spayed.

Pepper: And those on the list who don’t get a kitten might want to take a look at us.  

Lulu: I haven’t yet met any visitors. 

Whiskers: Well, that is because ARF is now closed because of the Coronavirus. 

Lulu: Oh right. I wonder if people may make an appointment to meet me.

Whiskers: They may make appointments to meet any of us, except for the kittens. They’re not quite ready for visitors yet. 

Sadie: I just hope everyone stays safe and healthy.  

Be sure to keep up with the animal antics of “Days of Our Nine Lives” each week. Please stop in to say hello to the entire adoptable cast at the ARF House, 26890 Highway 243 from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. on Saturdays and from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. on Sundays, or by appointment Monday-Friday by calling 951-659-1122. 

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