Congratulations once again to Pine Cove Water District. Its staff and board use government email accounts to conduct the people’s business. It’s a shame others on the Hill can’t say the same.

Government email accounts are subject to public disclosure. Private accounts aren’t. Shame on IFPD, IWD and others who cower behind private email.

Pine Cove property owners take their parcel fees/taxes seriously. Only efficiently sponsored and funded projects merit financing. Those out of control are defunded and told to take a hike.

There are only a few thousand taxable parcels on this mountain, unlike the hundreds of thousands found in communities off-Hill. Water, fire and ambulance fee increases are unjustified and out of control. Hidden proposed recreation costs threaten outrageous taxation against the recommendations of paid consultants.

Eliminate IFPD with already highly qualified and funded Cal Fire/AMR, and pair-down uncontrollable spending at IWD and there just might be a tax base to fund a new community center, improving the entire service model.

A highly skilled paramedic is worth $14.75/hour not $100,000-plus a year. Now, why would town business owners and real estate developers have an interest in increasing weekend water production and sewage treatment?

Sheep are meant to be eaten by predators. It’s a shame the current boards and senior staff at IWD and IFPD fit this bill.

There’s a reason why the grand jury suggests the terminations/removal of senior staff at IFPD.  Every second wasted increases financial liability for Idyllwild  property owners who don’t rent out their homes (not able to pass on increased costs to renters.) Wake up, Idyllwild.

Jeff Smith

Pine Cove