The large ad in the newspaper against Measure W was paid by private citizens.

I really question if those citizens live in the Idyllwild Fire Protection District, especially the ad requesting dissolving Idyllwild Fire.

Their “fact” that all the insurance companies were contacted about ISO 2 rating and no discount offered is incorrect.

Glad it was high in the ad so I didn’t have to read on.

My Idyllwild home insurance company is AARP Hartford, and when I called last month when I got my insurance renewal, they said, yes, my policy did reflect the new rating.

How can I be sure? The fact that my policy did not increase this year. That is savings.

If people want a better IFPD, then participate. They have/or, hopefully, had, two openings for community finance. Step up to the plate and volunteer if you are the complainer and ad buyer.

Merrie VonSeggern




  1. Went to Idyllwild fire department not feeling good it’s been off and on sence seeing doctors,they ended up transferring me to hospital doing better now,but I just have to say Patrick at the fire department and there staff are the most professional people took the best care also I had porsche my wippet support Dog with and they also treated her with the best care,thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  2. I have to say the district has the poorest hydrants on the hill, the fewest steamers, and the poorest flow rate, period. Santa on the fire truck and good ole boy small town charm do little to fix the grand jury recommendation to conduct termination investigation proceedings of Reitz and lamont, let alone the massive failures within this department.

  3. Dissolve IFPD now. A recent IFPD ambulance clinic transport illustrates the problem. AMR showed up to do the transport but Reitz said no. But he couldn’t produce an ambulance, none in the barn? The patient waited and waited because IFPD wanted the money instead of taking care of patient needs. That would not happen with AMR and Riverside Co. Fire. Dissolve IFPD now and receive the same high quality service Garner valley, and pine Cove receive.

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