The County Service Area 36 Advisory Council is on track to be restarted with six applications having been submitted for a five-member board, according Opal Hellweg, 3rd District Supervisor Chuck Washington’s legislative assistant.

The two most recent applicants are David Hunt and William Faurot. Previously, Ginger Dagnall, Kathy Wilson, Sue Nash and Mark Davis had submitted applications.

“We’ll keep applications open until Jan. 31,” said Hellweg. “We’d like to have more applicants to choose from but are pleased with the quality of applicants so far.”

The council, which has been inactive for the last two years, was created to review infrastructure conditions, budgets and activities related to community recreation and street lights. It acts as the “eyes and ears” of the county supervisor for this district and advises him on those matters. The council has no policy-making role. But as part of its purview and regular public meetings, recreation managers are required to make reports to the council regarding how parcel tax dollars are being used to fund recreation and street lamps in Idyllwild.

To submit an application, contact Hellweg at 951-955-8815 or [email protected].