Dear editor:
You have shown in your previous edition photos of overuse of garbage cans and the caption was “ . . . whether Idyllwild has the infrastructure to handle large numbers of visitors.”
This does not come close to describing the situation in Idyllwild during snow days. There are so many cars and pickups coming up here that residents cannot use the limited facilities that were meant for them. Parking anywhere in town is overwhelmed, including on Highway 243 near Deer Springs Trail.
Visitors park or open their car doors in the middle of the highway, letting their children out of their cars, requiring other cars to veer into lanes not meant for them, obviously very dangerous in icy conditions.
We do not mean to say that we should not allow visitors in this community whether it be in times of good weather or snow days. But there should be some limits placed on the number of cars that come up here on any given day.
I [Jan] have called the California Highway Patrol regarding this matter and was told to send in a petition or letter to Supervisor Chuck Washington, 4080 Lemon St., 5th Floor, Riverside, CA 92501. Email: [email protected]. I encourage everyone who has similar concerns to do the same.
I quote one of my neighbors …”The mountain community cannot sustain this level of use. Allowing so many people into a sensitive environment with few escape routes is dangerous, a giant disregard of public safety.”
Dick and Jan Goldberg