Directors of the Fern Valley Water District have begun efforts to recruit a replacement for General Manager Steve Erler, who announced his intention to retire on June 30.

At a special meeting, Friday, Feb. 5, the board and the Ad Hoc Hiring Committee discussed its strategy and process for soliciting applicants for its general manager position.

“Where will we advertise and put the job out to applicants?” Board President James Rees asked his colleagues.

The directors were in agreement that making a selection soon is important so that the new general manager will have a month or more to work alongside Erler before he leaves.

However, committee member Robert Krieger affirmed that Erler is willing to invest more time after June 30, if needed to help educate the new person to the intricacies of the district and the environment of the Hill.

“[The Hiring Committee’s] purpose is to get a GM in place as soon as possible to take advantage of time with Steve,” Krieger said. “The longer the opportunity for Steve to educate him is better for us.”

The board acknowledged that it hopes to recruit an individual who plans to make his career at FVWD as opposed to someone who will see the position as an opportunity to enhance their résuméand eventually move elsewhere.

Since FVWD is a small district, the individual has to be prepared to help with fieldwork as well as the administrative duties of management.

The board is looking at advertising the position in several periodicals and hopes to make a decision between late March and early April.