With 10 months until the November election, Rep. Dr. Raul Ruiz already has $1.5 million in cash. Two years ago, in anticipation of his challenge from former Assemblyman Brian Nestande, Ruiz had $1.2 million in cash. By the election, he had collected more than $3.4 million and spent about $3.1 million for his re-election.

During the last quarter of 2015, he raised $340,100, of which nearly two-thirds came from individual contributions. This proportion was consistent for the full year, too.

During this quarter, Ruiz’s campaign expended almost $118,000.

Although two challengers, including Indio Mayor Lupe Ramos Watson and Kirk Thompson, had announced intentions to challenge Ruiz in 2016, both have withdrawn from the race.

Of the two other Republican challengers, Dwight Kealy filed financial papers through the end of the year. However, state Sen. Jeff Stone did not file since his announcement was not made until January.

Kealy has received about $46,000 in contributions, most of which came from family. The largest source of his funding is a $250,000 personal loan to his campaign.