I appreciate the Town Crier keeping the fire under the feet of the Idyllwild Fire Department, local water districts and the propane-gas price gouging.

Why do we need three water companies? All have a general manager, office staff and field persons. Could one reason be that all these people do not want to, maybe, lose their jobs? If all three were combined there would be economy of scale for sure. We only have a population of 3,874-plus part-timers.

We can do better .

Why do we have excessive spending at Idyllwild Fire? Do we also have duplication here? Can we afford its retirement benefits? Why are they not completely open when asked questions?

We can do better .

Local propane companies are playing games with their customers. Many customers are paying way too much for their propane. Gasoline stations post their prices, propane companies do not. They rarely tell you it is cheaper to own your own tank so you can shop around for the best price. Could the Town Crier post the prices once a month so people have a reference?

We can do better .

Ron Kelley
Idyllwild/Rancho Mirage


  1. The delivered fuel business (heating oil and propane) is still very “old school” and industry participants try to compete on “service” not on “price.” I just discovered fuelwonk.com which only seems to be interesteed in sharing fuel prices.