Last Tuesday, the day I went home after deadline, was my last day of feeling tired following the Sept. 25 heart attack.

I woke up Wednesday feeling energized and it hasn’t stopped. In fact, I feel better than I have in years.

I finally visited my new cardiologist Thursday and need to undergo some tests to ensure all is right in the chest area, and also try to pinpoint what caused the attack. He was thorough but seemed pensive about the cause. The type of heart attack I suffered usually is brought on by a sudden shock, such as someone pointing a gun in your face, an earthquake or the news that a loved one has died — at least about 70 percent of the time.

Nothing like that happened to me. Yes, the past year was stressful, especially when Allstate canceled our home insurance after 26 years (without a claim) because of being in a wildfire area — and all the agony and expense that ensued to get an insurance company to stick with us. After much work on the outside of our house, we passed inspection with another company.

This since February, so the process took months throughout spring and summer. I’m convinced that was a big part of what brought on the attack.

I’m adjusting to the prescribed Mediterranean diet for all heart attack victims and take a B12 vitamin, along with CoQ-10 and other heart-healthful supplements, blood pressure meds in the morning and a beta-blocker at night.

I’m not clear what, if any one thing, gave me so much pep but I’m able to work better and clearer-headed than before.

I’ve been well blessed with cards and flowers from readers and friends, too. Maybe all your good thoughts and prayers made the difference.

Becky Clark, Editor