I need to write about my dog being killed by a young man in town because he didn’t like her. She was a 10-year-old Jack Russell with 10 more years ahead of her, at least: very loving and playful, beautiful Lefty Lou.

We took her to ARF to find a good new home for her because our lives are now very busy on tour. My daughter donated a very generous check to thank them and make sure that she would have a healthy home.

When they said they couldn’t find a home for her because she didn’t get along with other dogs, they wrote to my daughter that they were going to take her to the pound. Immediately, I told my daughter from out of the country to make them stop doing such a thing. I asked her to tell them that I will rearrange my life to be able to take care of our dog until we found a better solution for her.

My daughter, who is working in London, sent them more money and asked them to wait for me until the 15th, that I was coming back from overseas.

I went to pick up our Lefty Lou and they told me she was taken into the forest by one of the foster parents’ son who shot her with a 22, which I assume is a gun.

My friend attorney doesn’t want to get involved because he knows the person and he said that because they suffered a loss in the family, I should understand.

I do understand and we also lost our son, but I will not kill a person’s dog who was left with me.

Also, he said that ARF doesn’t have liability. Then what do we do? Who is responsible for killing our loving member of our family? I want Lefty Lou.

Ask him where he left her and if she was alive at that time, please.

AnaLia Lenchantin