Just a quick note to remind everyone to get out and vote. I would urge you to vote for any politician with enough sense to realize that our government needs more money.

I think our gas taxes should be increased an additional 40 cents a gallon on all types of fuel. There is still not enough money to fix our roads. The tree roots at the intersection of Village Center and North Circle drives force many of our more timid drivers to make right turns on to North Circle from the middle of the street rather than the legal right-turn lane closest to the curb because of the tree root-infested bumpy lane that exists now.

Many government-subsidized programs and agencies exist to help some of the less fortunate people who live among us. Some of these people have no job skills or are unable to speak, read or write in a way that’s commonly understood. Many are forced to live in the forest, dry river beds, etc.

With the right people elected, we can expand more agencies to help these unfortunates. Hard-working tax payers can easily afford to have their taxes raised. There are many very smart politicians who are able to figure out how much money we need to live on and take the excess money earned and funnel it to the ones who really need it.

I suggest you vote for the most liberal-minded candidates in any of the parties in order to make the above happen.

Bob Rahman