Last week in Days of Our Nine Lives, the ARF cats were missing those who were recently adopted.


Bobbie: Have you guys heard what our ARF humans are doing now?


Sadie: Trying to find us forever homes?

Bobbie: Oh, they’re always doing that. 

Sadie: I know. But they need to work harder in getting humans in to meet us! 

George: I think they work pretty hard at that. Hopefully the Creature Corner in the Town Crier helps. 


Bobbie: Yes, yes, yes! But I am talking about the Pets of the Year contest ARF is having to raise funds to get medical care for pets whose families cannot afford it.  

Mr. Gray

Mr. Gray: Oh boy! So, I could be a pet of the year?

Bobbie: Sorry, no. Only pets that have forever families can enter. 

Sadie: Wow. Now I’m really sad about not having my own family. I just don’t get it. I’m beautiful and I love to wind my way in and out of humans’ legs. Why am I still here?

Mr. Gray: Yeah! And I have the most beautiful gray hair and little white booties on my feet. Why am I still here?


Grace: And I’m a Russian Blue! Cats don’t get any more beautiful than I, and I’m super friendly on top of that!

Bobbie: None of this makes any sense, especially the fact that I’m still looking for a forever home. I’m over-the-top friendly! 

Mr. Gray: So, if humans visit ARF’s website or Facebook page, they can see photos of us? 

Bobbie: Yes, and they can learn about the contest.  

Pepper: And if we get adopted by the end of this month, we may also be in the running for pet of the year. Wouldn’t that be amazing? 


Pepper: Amazing, wonderful, and a dream come true.  

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