Pine Cove Water District General Manager Jerry Holldber plans to provide a detailed report on the district’s water resources — well levels and possible future changes — at the June meeting.

“I’ll have a better status of the well recovery rates then. Right now they are producing good,” Holldber stated and advised his board last week, “I expect we’ll stay in [Water Conservation Stage] 2 during the summer.”

In March, the District’s water production was 1.8 million gallons, which was 440,000 gallons or almost 20 percent less than during March 2015. During the first quarter of 2016, water production has totaled 6.1 million gallons, which is 834,000 gallons (13.7 percent) less than the first quarter of 2015. Except for 2012 and 2014, this year’s first-quarter production was the lowest in volume in more than 10 years.

“March [production] was down compared to the past couple of years,” Holldber said.

He also added that although the groundwater level of static well no. 10 had dropped 2 feet, overall he believes the groundwater levels of the wells have been steady for several months and he is not concerned.

The board reviewed the budget status through the third quarter of fiscal year 2015-16. As of the end of March, expenses have exceeded revenue by about $6,000.

However, the fourth quarter will include two water statements and typically two property tax payments from Riverside County, in April and May.

“After three quarters, I didn’t see any surprises and don’t anticipate any unforeseen expenses in the next quarter,” commented Holldber.

During the public comment period, Pine Cove resident Marge Muir expressed her concern about the District subsidizing the sale of rain barrels. She feels that it is wrong for water payments from all customers to benefit the few who choose to purchase rain barrels. “... if one can buy one [barrel], they certainly can afford to pay the full price,” she added.

She felt it was wrong for some purchasers of rain barrels to take them off the Hill, since that would not help PCWD customers who are subsidizing the price.

She felt particularly aggrieved about the subsidization of the rain barrels because the district has several outstanding loans for property and equipment.

The board has provided Muir with the cost and revenues of rain barrels and their benefit to the district. These are one of several conservation measures, such as subsidizing the cost of purchasing and installing low-flow toilets.

Vicki Jakubac is the new PCWD director (see separate story). The board unanimously chose her from three other applicants. She replaces Tim Lange who resigned at the March meeting for health reasons.

Jakubac is a long-time Pine Cove resident and also a former PCWD employee.

At the meeting, she told the board, “I resigned my position due to health problems. They have stabilized and I want to stay involved … I have a lot of interest in conservation and helping the community.”

Her letter of interest stated, “I also have seven years of experience working at [PCWD], during which time I not only learned about the water district, but I think I made some useful contribution as well.”

The other interested applicants were Elaine Hoggan, Jeffery Kleefisch and Thom Wallace.

Director Joel Palmer nominated Jakubac and the vote was 4-0. Lange was appointed in July to fill the term of Mike Esnard, who resigned in June. In August, he was elected to four-year term that expires in December 2019. Jakubac will have to stand for election at the next vote, August 2017.